Published:March 24, 2008 by Brendan Wolfe

Welcome to the Encyclopedia Virginia blog. An online compendium of Virginia history written by scholars from across the country (even across the world), the encyclopedia is currently being compiled here at EV headquarters in Charlottesville. We plan to use these pages

  • to explain what we’re doing and what it’s good for;
  • to illuminate some of our editorial processes;
  • to tell you about what other historical work is happening in Virginia;
  • to link our efforts with those of our mother ship, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities;
  • to tease you with samples of the encyclopedia in progress;
  • to ooh and aah over some of the history we are uncovering;
  • to connect that history to the real lives we’re all leading today; and
  • to provide an opportunity for you to join in on the conversation.

We haven’t launched the encyclopedia yet, but we urge you to stay tuned, come often, and participate.


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