The Last of the Bedford Boys

Published:April 20, 2009 by Brendan Wolfe

From the Roanoke Times:

Elisha Ray Nance died at the Elks National Home in Bedford on Sunday, less than two months before the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

Nance, 94, was the last surviving officer of Company A and the last surviving Bedford Boy. He was one of 34 servicemen from the Bedford area who landed on the beaches of Nazi-held France during World War II in the first waves of the largest land, air and sea invasion in military history.

Read our entry on the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford.


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  1. Nancy Damon

    I reflect on the men who sacrificed everything for their country–whether or not D-Day was a well-executed invasion is a debate–but so many people gave their lives that day. It is remarkable that men actually survived. Mr. Nance was the last. When you go to France and see the graveyards, you really do understand the enormity of suffering and sacrifice caused by wars.

  2. Graham Child

    So sad to hear that Ray had passed away – I’ve read the book the bedford boys, which is a must read for all. We must never forget the tremedous sacrifice one town in Virginia made in order to Liberate Europe. I would personally like to extend my gratritude and heartfelt thanks to all the brave boys from all over the USA who fought in the second world war and layed down down thier lives so that today we can all live in a free world.
    On May 20th 2009 my friends and I visited the American cemetry in Colleville – Su – Mer to lay a flower at the grave of Sgt John Schenk (another Bedford boy) and say a prayer of thanks to John and his buddies. Us Brits do care about the safety of all USA service men and women who are trying to make the world a safer and better place in which we can all live.
    God bless America
    Graham (Isleworth Middx UK)

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