Anne Spencer: The Dance

Published:July 9, 2009 by Brendan Wolfe

Well, almost. Yesterday we called attention to our Anne Spencer entry. Back in March, the Legacy Museum in Lynchburg screened a film by Keith Lee about the poet called Anne Spencer Revisited. Turns out Lee had originally wanted to do a dance, an idea that came to him after visiting Spencer’s Lynchburg home.

Keith Lee explained that when he was allowed to visit the Spencer house alone, he “could feel” the house. As a dancer, he also “felt movement” in Anne Spencer’s poetry and wanted others to experience what he felt. He confessed that his original intention had been to choreograph a dance titled Mama Rose Meets Anne Spencer. In the end, his intention became simply to celebrate Anne Spencer and her poetry, convinced that “if we do not celebrate the great artists that came before us, there will be no art.” Thus, he decided that Anne Spencer as an artist should speak for herself.

The short film consists of twenty-three minutes’ worth of dramatized readings of Spencer’s poetry and is available for purchase here.