In Horror & Awe

Published:May 2, 2011 by Brendan Wolfe

The other day, Glenn Beck sat in front of some kind of fake old-fashioned television set and showed his audience clips of Glee. He declared that he could only watch the show with “stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe.”

That’s exactly how I feel about the movie Gods and Generals (2003). There’s just no excuse for how offensively terrible and jingoistic it is, and while some folks may want to find useful life lessons from that, I can only accept it in the manner of the “hair-gelled, grimly unsmiling Mr. Trump,” who found some way to endure as our comedian-in-chief openly mocked him.

There is no justice in the world, and there are virtually no Civil War movies that are not, in their heart of hearts, garbage.

That said, I still grudgingly admire this attempt at dramatizing the famous turning point of the Battle of Chancellorsville. Although, honestly, I’d love to see a still-bleeding Stonewall break out into song, maybe do this appropriately themed, Barbra-inspired Glee number. That would truly be some horror & awe!