Landon’s Day (30-Pound Nimrod Edition)

Published:June 29, 2011 by Brendan Wolfe

On this day in 1776, a Saturday, Landon Carter, several of whose slaves had escaped earlier in the week, entered the following into his diary:

At 7 in the morning after their departure some minute men at Mousquito Point saw the Petty Auger with ten stout men in her going very fast on the Middlesex shore. They pursued and fired at them, whereupon the negroes left the boat and took to the shore where they were followed by the minute men. By their firing they alarmed 100 King and Queen minute men who were waiting for the Roebuck’s men, should any of them come ashore there. It is supposed that Moses and many of the negroes were killed.

Joseph Harwood in treaty about my horse Nimrod brought down from Rippon Agreed to buy him at 30 £ but must try him at first for about 5 miles. Never sent me the money, Pretending the danger of the times.

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IMAGE: Negroes leaving their home (Harper’s Weekly, April 9, 1864)