Landon’s Day (God & Mammon Edition)

Published:July 13, 2011 by Brendan Wolfe

On this day in 1776, a Saturday, Landon Carter, worried about a number of escaped slaves and taking unseemly joy in the rumored death of Patrick Henry, entered the following into his diary:

John Selden met Purcell coming up and bid tell me that Dunmore last week sent off a load of negroes to one of the Islands which so alarmed the rest that the county of Gloster was disturbed with their howlings. Possibly Capt. Moses, the freeman, may be one of them to glut his genius for liberty which he was not born to.

News just come John Self at Rings Neck turned a Baptist, and only waits to convert my People. He had two brethren Preachers and two others with him; and says he cannot serve God and Mammon, has just been made a Christian by dipping, and would not continue in my business but to convert my people.

This a strange year about my overseers; some, horrid hellish rogues and others religious villains. Came here after dinner Mr. John Selden, who told us Capt. Burgess Ball wrote from Hampton that Patrick Henry, the late elected Governour, died last tuesday  evening, So that being the day of our battery’s beginning to Play on Dunmore’s gang and they being routed we ought to look on those two joined as two glorious events. Particularly favourable by the hand of Providence.

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IMAGE: George Whitefield