New Partnership Means Mo’ Better History

Published:January 27, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

Yesterday the encyclopedia staff road-tripped it to Richmond, where we gathered with our friends at the Library of Virginia to inaugurate a new era for Encyclopedia Virginia and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. We are now officially partners with the Library in this ambitious encyclopedia project of ours and, in particular, have become the digital publisher of the Library’s ongoing, multi-volume Dictionary of Virginia Biography, one of the most authoritative resources on Virginia history ever published.

Lyon Gardiner Tyler may have anticipated this partnership when he published, in 1915, his now-out-of-date Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography. And I realize this is a shameless digression, but did you know that Tyler was the son of the Virginia-born United States president John Tyler (1790–1862), and that the elder Tyler fathered the younger Tyler when he was 63, and that the younger Tyler fathered Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr. when he was 71 and then fathered Harrison Ruffin Tyler four years later when he was 75?! Both men are still alive today—which means that President Tyler’s grandsons are still living. Go figure.

Anyway. You may have noticed that the Library of Virginia’s logo has now been added to our home page. You also may have noticed that the Daniel Bryan entry we linked to yesterday was the product of the Dictionary of Virginia Biography, as was the excellent Fields Cook entry mentioned here and the Anthony Burns entry mentioned here. We’re thrilled to feature their content and to call the Library of Virginia and the DVB partners.

The upshot? Encyclopedia Virginia + Dictionary of Virginia Biography = Better and More Accessible Virginia History Than Ever!

PS: “You ever heard of the mo’ better? Mo’ better makes it mo’ better.”

UPDATE: John Tyler’s grandson plays tennis twice a week!

IMAGE: Front: Rob Vaughan, president, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities; Sandra G. Treadway, Librarian of Virginia; Back: Matthew Gibson, Managing Editor, Encyclopedia Virginia; Peter Hedlund, Programmer, EV; Caitlin Newman, Assistant Associate Editor, EV; Brendan Wolfe, Associate Managing Editor, EV; Greg Kimball, Director of Publications and Educational Services, Library of Virginia; Donna Lucey, Media Editor, EV