Published:January 22, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

I love to find an excuse to post artwork on this blog. Yesterday, on the occasion of his birthday, I found a painting of Stonewall Jackson, more or less by accident, and was pleased that the artist himself commented on the post. Today, on the occasion of her birthday, I thought I’d post some lovely images of Virginia photographed by my friend, next-door neighbor, and VABC member Stacey Evans. The images in Trainscapes, as you might imagine, are all taken from moving trains, and while they include fleeting moments of beauty, they’re decidedly unromantic: postcards from real places and from brief moments.

IMAGES (top to bottom): Woman Walking (Virginia, 10:14:55AM, Winter 2010, Northeast Regional); Basic City (Virginia, 2:44:54PM, Summer 2009, Cardinal); Birdhouse (Virginia, 9:48:59AM, Spring 2010, Northeast Regional); Grain Elevators (Virginia, 10:27:02AM, Winter 2011, Northeast Regional); Homeless (Virginia, 1:46:06PPM, Winter 2010, Northeast Regional); Kudzu (Virginia, 6:58:09AM, Fall 2009, Crescent)