The March of Time

Published:April 24, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

Earlier today we posted two photographs of the Monticello Guard, one of Charlottesville’s National Guard units during World War I, parading across town in 1917. In the second image, the boys are marching down West Main Street in the direction of the Corner (seen at top, above), and it occurred to us that it would be easy to “Historypin” it.

If you’re not familiar with the Historypin website, the idea is pretty simple: take your historical photograph and find the same spot using Google maps’ “Street View” function. Now lay the historical image on top of the present-day one, and voilà! See how much has changed …

If you’re not familiar with the “Street View,” there it is in the middle image up above. It allows you to virtually drive around town, turning around, and getting a sense of what the real place on the map looks like. The trick is finding an old photo with a vantage point that matches one you can find on Google, but here I think we’ve got it. The third view (above) overlays quite nicely.

If you’re interested, that church on the right is the First Baptist Church, and the building was completed in 1883. You’ll find more about the congregation in our entry on Charlottesville during the Civil War.