Virginia Map #1

Published:April 30, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

The map covers two pages and the key indicates that it was published during a time when Winchester was more populated than Charlottesville.

From Makers of Virginia History by J. A. C. Chandler (1904)

Julian Alvin Carroll Chandler (1872–1934), aside from being the prolific writer of textbooks, was superintendent of schools in the city of Richmond and, beginning in 1919, president of the College of William and Mary. According to the Dictionary of Virginia Biography, he was “a mercurial and dynamic leader” who “seldom entertained and ate in the college’s dining hall.” He tended to make decisions and ask for the Board of Visitors’ forgiveness later. A workaholic and a micromanager, “Chandler handled all the discipline of male students … He had a temper with a short fuse. He routinely fired staff members and was amazed when they did not come to work the next day.”

This is one in a series of posts that pays homage to The Art of Google Books.