You Swing that Hoe, Girl!

Published:April 5, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

If you haven’t otherwise encountered this particular celebrity-gossip blog, then here is Perez Hilton.* Now, here is Perez Hilton on history, or what we call Perez Hamilton. It is, the creator proclaims, “Historical Juice. Not from Concentrate,” and appears to be documenting American history from the beginning. As you might expect, there is much about Virginia, including this reference to the Westmoreland Slave Plot (see top image), or this post about the Gloucester County Conspiracy (see middle image), or this account of the return of Sir William Berkeley (see bottom image).

I’m also a big fan of this pic, attached to a post titled “RIP: Nathaniel Bacon”:

Except that it’s not Nathaniel Bacon, he of Bacon’s Rebellion who did, in fact die of dysentery, but of whom there are no known images.

Oh, Perez Hamilton. Such a naughty boy!

* I know, you probably read Dlisted.