Compliments of the Author (Signed Books 1)

Published:May 18, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

On Google Books, I discovered the above pages to be inscribed the books’ authors. Click for larger images.

United States History for Young Americans by Matthew Page Andrews (1916)

To Gamaliel Bradford of the company of New England’s Elect with the best wishes of the author January 23, 1917

Apparently there were seven Gamaliel Bradfords in a line, but this may be the one who lived from 1863 until 1932 and came to be known as the “Dean of American Biographers.”

First Lessons in United States History by Edward Channing (1903)

For the “Archives” from Edward Channing June, 1903

Channing, who won the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1926, was a Harvard graduate, and this book is marked for the “Special Collection Relating to Harvard University Supplementing the Archives.”

History of Virginia: A Brief Text Book for Schools by Royall Bascom Smithey (1898)

For Mrs. Francis H. [?] with the compliments of the author

This is why I could never be a transcriber.

IN ADDITION: Signed Books 2 and Signed Books 3