Quote of the Day

Published:May 2, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

From yesterday morning’s Washington Post:

As classrooms become better equipped with interactive white boards and other gadgets, more teachers are looking for digital content and adopting an assumption that prevails in much of the World Wide Web: That content should be free.

“Now that expectation has entered the American classroom,” said Jay Diskey, executive director for the school division of the Association of American Publishers.

Seventy-four percent of elementary school teachers reported that they used free Internet resources for lessons …

And this from a commenter:

While this represents a valid use of instructional technology, it must be noted that bad or inaccurate information will still get through the review/editing process just as it does with regular textbooks. The advantage to leveraging this medium is that it can be much easier to make edits and push updated texts out since you don’t have to republish an entire hardcover textbook.

IMAGE: Hint, hint! Resources like Encyclopedia Virginia—vetted, up-to-date, accessible, free—are great for teachers both in and out of the classroom. And we’re doing more: linking entries to Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOLs) and, this summer, meeting with teachers across the commonwealth to gather ideas on how EV can best be used in the classroom.