The Man Behind the Lost Order

Published:May 21, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

This just strikes me as a strange image. It’s from Wikipedia, and shows a copy of Robert E. Lee‘s famed Special Orders No. 191, which described the various movements of the Army of Northern Virginia during the Maryland Campaign. One of several copies was lost and then found by a Union corporal—apparently wrapped around some cigars—allowing George B. McClellan to know exactly what Lee was up to.

Anyway, Strange Thing No. 1: the description provided by the uploader of this image is not quite coherent. It reads: “Copy of General Robert E. Lee’s 1862 ‘Lost Orders’ displayed at Crampton’s Gap, Maryland.” What does that mean? How was it displayed? When? By whom? Why?

Strange Thing No. 2: Who is that shadowy dude behind the document? What’s he doing there?

UPDATE: So I’m a little slow sometimes. This must be a photograph of the orders encased in glass at the Crampton’s Gap battlefield.