What We Wouldn’t Do (Baseball Edition)

Published:May 17, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

Everyone around here is a Nats fan* or maybe they like the Orioles. So when I discovered that Ron Swanson bleeds Cubbie blue, it cheered me up, if only briefly.




* Actually, this makes me want to be a Nats fan, too.

ELSEWHERE: I sing the sad song of Cubs fans everywhere.

IMAGEAl Bridwell and Jimmy Archer of the Chicago Cubs, July 21, 1913


1 Comment on “What We Wouldn’t Do (Baseball Edition)”

  1. Iowill

    As a life-long, born-into-the-family-franchise of White Sox fandom, you could rightly expect dismissive vitriol in my commentary. But, truth be told, the truest of true believers in Chicago, divided as we are by earned grudges, slights, and collapses as epic as they are common fodder for winter cud chewing, also recognize and honor that internal, cellular-level twinge that brings us to lean and dedicate ourselves in a declarative fashion. As a South Sider, through and through, I would rather stare down an entire Waveland Avenue of people such as Brendan than have to share an empty L car with one yuppie f#ck in a SORIANO jersey who bought their way into the brand. It’s said in Chicago that Sox fans hate the Cubs as a team, but respond to their fans with mild disdain, if not anecdotal ridicule…and that Cubs fans don’t hate the Sox as a team, but rather focus their hatred on Sox fans. That seems fair enough. A lot of Sox fans are easy to hate. We’re not cute, cuddly, don’t play in an amusement park-sports bar-national shrine, and have never been the darlings of the media, local or national. So, at some fundamental level we understand the hard and fast, Born-Into-It Cubs Fan’s desire that cannot bear losing, yet again, yet cannot quite grasp what they will do if they were to ever win and then become, well, just another mediocre outfit that just lost their most prized asset. Could they still be lovable if they were no longer losers?

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