Did Peggy Write This Copy?

Published:October 2, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

An advertisement for Woodbury Facial Soap, from the February 7, 1949, issue of Life magazine, featuring Caroline “Calise” Louise Chauvenet, of Albemarle County. Sample caption:

Albemarle County boasts of its beautiful hunters—AND—its beautiful Virginia belles. Before you—two shining examples! Woodbury likes to boast too—it’s the only facial soap with its beauty-cream ingredient, a skin-smoothing ingredient used in rich face creams! Try it … love it!

The ad also mentions that the former Miss Chauvenet “descends from [a] proud Virginia family. Her great grandfather, William Chauvenet, is called a father of [the] United States Naval Academy.” That’s him down there, to the right. And the modest family home in St. Louis is to the left.

Anyway, William Chauvenet begat Louis Francis Chauvenet (1852–1904), who begat Louis Francis Chauvenet (1895–1970), the latter having been born in St. Louis but at some point moved to Charlottesville. There he had six children with his wife Caroline Adelberg (1894–1977), including that above-featured Caroline Louise and Louis Russell Chauvenet (1920–2003), who became deaf at an early age, attended Harvard, Boston College, and the University of Virginia, and was the 1959 U.S. Amateur Champion in chess. (Two of his games have been digitally preserved here.) But did he have a Woodbury-fresh, Woodbury-soft face?

It’s doubtful.