The Devil Went Down to Monticello

Published:October 10, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe


The above video—produced by the web textbook company Soomo Publishing—features a weirdly homoerotic take on George III and a kind of Charlie Daniels Band–meets–Green Day take on Thomas Jefferson. It’s not at all clear who is trying to apologize to whom or why it’s too late, but Ben Franklin plays a mean lead guitar, right?

And anyway, it’s not necessarily any weirder than a trip to Monticello taken recently by the web-only travel show Up to Speed. You can watch the episode above or here, on Hulu. It’s hosted by a dude named Timothy Levitch, a.k.a. Speed, who dresses like he’s homeless and speaks in an awkwardly high voice. He apparently is friends with the director Richard Linklater, who creates this new series and allows his host to have conversations with inanimate objects and to provide grossly oversimplified lessons on serious topics like slavery.

Other than that, though, I highly recommend it!