Feedback: No, I Don’t Like!

Published:November 1, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

A Facebook “friend” of Encyclopedia Virginia left the following comment on a post linking to yesterday’s blog item featuring father-daughter collaborative drawings of all the United States presidents (like the one above of Woodrow Wilson):

No, I don’t like and I am still trying to figure out the relevance of this posting. Who there continues to post these things? You’re suppose to be the Encyclopedia Virginia. Do you not have anything more interesting than an infant scribbling over something to post? Are you related to the baby? Are you friends with baby’s parents? Are ya’ll volunteer worker’s? I would hate to think any of my donations were going to pay anybody’s salaries for this. Very disappointing. I hope this site improves or I along with other’s may “dislike” you. You’ve only got 507 “likes” ….. so don’t run us off.

It kinda hurts that our reader would use our modest number of Facebook “likes” against us. Hey, we’re doing the best we can! It’s heartening, though, to hear that he is invested in our project—literally*—and as such it might make sense for us all to get on the same page about the purpose of this blog and its relationship to the encyclopedia.

We use the blog to tell you about Encyclopedia Virginia and how we put it together; to tell you about what other kind of historical work is happening in and around Virginia; to link our efforts with those of our publisher, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and our partners at the Library of Virginia; to tease you with samples of the encyclopedia in progress; to connect history to our real lives today; and to provide you an opportunity to join in the conversation.

Of course, the blog also provides an opportunity to be a little silly, a little serious, and even a little personal.

The idea is to produce something you can read every day that’s fun and unexpected, but that offers you different ways to connect to what we care about most—Virginia history.

If you dig what you see here, then “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and even support us with a donation. But whatever you do, keep the feedback coming!

* Thank you!!!

IMAGE: Woodrow Wilson by Jason and Gertie Novak (