Say It Again!

Published:December 17, 2012 by Brendan Wolfe

An advertisement for Virginia Dare wine, from the December 14, 1942, issue of Life magazine.


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  1. Joan Fossa

    I just saw a program about the real Virginia Dare last evening on TV, and I started to sing, “Say it again, Virginia Dare” from the 40’s, and I couldn’t remember the rest of the words or what kind of drink it was. Thanks to this web site, I now know it was a wine. I was very young at the time…5 years old in 1942 as your ad reads.

  2. Richard Manke

    I was 10 in 1942 and do remember the radio commercial very well. I have been trying to find a recording of the tune.
    I was unsuccessful as of yet. Please help if you can.

  3. Gary Cox

    As a volunteer, I’m producing a documentary for the Finger Lakes Museum on the history of grape and wine production in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Paul Garrett was an important figure for this region especially after Prohibition. Although I recall most of the lyrics and the tune for that singing advertisement about Virginia Dare wine (I was born in 1935), I’d like to find and use a recording of the original ad. If you can steer me towards that, I’d be delighted to acknowledge your help in the documentary’s credits. Gary Cox

  4. David P Kenney

    Say it again, Virginia Dare
    it’s a delicious wine
    makes every glass treat
    make it your selection
    for a taste that can’t be beat.
    say it again Virginia Dare

    I was only five and had no taste for wine… Agedrnnr

  5. Rand Lee

    My mother, actress Kaye Brinker, was the voice of the Virginia Dare wine commercial on radio in the 1940s. She got 100s of fan letters from servicemen all over the world.

  6. Eva Ritchey

    Hi All. I guide our wine tours in WNC. Because I have a great interest in history, I include as much history as possible which of course includes Paul Garrett. I tell them among other things about the Virginia Dare jingle and invariably they want to know what it sounded like. Is there anyone on this thread that might record what they remember and perhaps upload it on youtube?



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