‘It wasn’t very helpful about Thomas Jefferson honestly’; also, ‘Can you kill me?’

Published:May 2, 2013 by Brendan Wolfe

Jefferson on Mount Rushmore by Scott Catron, May 30, 2004 (Wikimedia Commons)

If you scroll way down to the bottom of one of our entries, you’ll find a feedback box. Tell us what you think; your name and e-mail address are optional. The feedback goes straight to our in-boxes here at Encyclopedia Virginia, and sometimes it points us to mistakes we had missed. For instance, this note left on our Chesty Puller entry:

Sir you have listed at the top of Gen. Puller’s page here 1898–1970 but have him labled as passing away Oct. 11, 1971


We have since made that correction, although you can find a shadow of the original mistake in the entry’s URL, which replicates the error in his death year: http://encyclopediavirginia.org/Puller_Lewis_Burwell_Chesty_1898-1970. (Lest any links become broken, we don’t make a habit of changing URLs.)

Of course, not all feedback is equally helpful. Someone named Kate left this on our Arlington House entry:

Lol lots of words. YAY. im asian

The less said on that the better. On the House of Burgesses entry, another reader was kind but firm:

It wasn’t very helpful about Thomas Jefferson honestly.

Regarding Arthur Ashe, less kind:



Regarding the Anaconda Plan, perhaps too kind:

i think me and the author have a special connection. call me! 8732903865

miranda WOLFE

Someday I’ll tell you how our date went. In the meantime, this is what we heard about our L. Douglas Wilder entry:

this artical needs to be a lot longer because im 5 years old and need to know more about douglas wilder so when you get this please make it longer i mean it or i will sue you I mean it no joke so do it once you get this it will help people learn about him please thank you!

You’re welcome! A reader named Alexa had this response to our entry on the famous escaped slave Henry Box Brown (1815 or 1816–after February 26, 1889):


For the record, no. In response to our Joseph Hooker entry, one reader asks,


Again, for the record, no. Just yesterday, we were told this by a reader of our Colonial Virginia entry:

Did not help

Which is too bad. If only we could hook him or her up with a reader from about two months ago who declared, after reviewing the same entry:

the best information

Today we have received two bits of feedback from the site. The first was left on our entry about Civil War desertion:

This is the BEST source I have found yet! It even has the MLA Citation! I love this source, it is detailed, clear, and concise, and I wish every source was like this!

Thank you! Except that then a reader forwarded this comment after reading about Civil War Widows:


You can’t win ’em all.

IMAGE: Jefferson on Mount Rushmore by Scott Catron, May 30, 2004 (Wikimedia Commons)