What’s In a Name?

Published:September 4, 2015 by Brendan Wolfe

The actress Julianne Moore has joined the effort to change the name of J. E. B. Stuart High School, in Falls Church. She’s already had an impact because I hadn’t heard about said effort before! But putting aside the pros and cons of it, I just find it interesting because changing names was something Stuart knew a thing or two about.

Our entry tells the story:

Stuart was promoted to captain on April 22, 1861, but resigned on May 14, 1861, shortly after Virginia’s secession, to accept a commission as a colonel in the Confederate army. His father-in-law, [Philip St. George Cooke,] one of the Regular Army’s leading cavalrymen, did not follow suit, leading to a family breach. Stuart even renamed his months-old son, Philip St. George Cooke Stuart, after himself, James Ewell Brown Stuart Jr.

Given this history, it’s an interesting bit of karma that some may want to remove Jeb’s name from something.

IMAGE: J. E. B. Stuart (Valentine Richmond History Center, Cook Collection)


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