A Poet on Pierce Street

Published:April 26, 2019 by Brendan Wolfe

In Season 3, Episode 6, of Not Even Past, host Brendan Wolfe travels to 1313 Pierce Street, the Lynchburg home of Anne Spencer, a poet, gardener, and luminary of the Harlem Renaissance. What can her home tell us about this accomplished and sometimes eccentric woman? Wolfe and producer Miranda Bennett also sit down with Spencer’s granddaughter, Shaun Hester, who operates the house as a museum.

Listen to a short radio segment from 2006 about Anne Spencer.
Take a virtual tour of her home.

Click below to read a transcript of the show.

IMAGE: The Anne Spencer House and Garden at 1313 Pierce St., in Lynchburg, in 2009 (Flickr user eli.pousson)